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For Immediate Release
Seattle,WA/ July 9, 2013- Black Stax releases their latest work in the form of a LIVE album on July 23, 2013.
From the debut album, ‘Talking Buildings’ , to the first installment of the Producer Series, ‘High Rhyme Smoking Jackets’ produced by Rob Castro. To now, their newest release, 'Black Stax LIVE at the Triple Door'. Black Stax gets a chance to showcase their skills over live instrumentation.
This project comes from the work with TAF (Technology Access Foundation), STEM+Art event held in Seattle, Wa at the famed Triple Door on May 23rd, 2013. Black Stax works with a 5-piece band, Klyntel, DJ Sean Malik and background vocals from LaTanya Horace. All this comes together as they flex over soul , rock-n-roll , blues , jazz , reggae , African drum and Hip-Hop. The experience and fullness of this performance should open the eyes and ears of those who just love ‘good’ music. And, always wanted to know what a Black Stax live show consist of. 
Here is the single from the live album, ‘They want Me’. Its time for Black Stax to flex their muscle and show the World that they can ‘Get Stronger’!!

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Listen to “Breaking BS” on Flava News Radio w/ BlogTalkRadio - the ONLY place to hear new tracks from us.  Check them out! We have MANY episodes for you to catch up on.

The Hiphop List That Made 206 Butthurt by Charles Mudede - Seattle Music - The Stranger, Seattle's Only Newspaper

Featuring our own, Silas Blak.

The New New: 15 Seattle Rappers You Should Know - XXL

S/o to XXL for naming us in this feature last month!

Black Stax is seeking youth for a Television Commercial shoot this weekend.

We will be shooting a promo commercial for an HBCU Youth Symposium, presented by SRDC, Beat Nubianz & Rose Petal and Black Star Line. The Symposium will deal with continuing education after high school, maybe Historic Black Colleges/Universities as an option. As well as dealing with concerns and some challenges of the youth in their Communities. It will take place this Saturday at MLK School, 32nd and Republican, starting at 10am. We are looking for youth ranging from age 10-17.  If you know anyone interested please email

We’re always thankful to Lady Flava for  Flava News Radio for supporting our projects with her new radio show “Breakin BS.”  This week we’re breaking a new track called Black English.  

hard hitting track with the parabell and riddle rhyme pattern of the unorthodox masters, Jace & Blak. Its a song that you have to break down the mystery of the lyrics while you bob your head to the rthymn and tone of the beat.”I don’t wanna rap no more”…is it a statement of finality or raising the bar?. Produced by Raw Fingers and recorded & mixed at ATB Studios by Rob Castro.’       


LUCIDLounge an BlackStax cordially invite you....

Dinner by Mark

LUCID Lounge

Saturday, March 2, 2013 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM (PST)

Seattle, WA

Featuring Live music by Caffeine 
Powerful Lyrical Content by Black Stax & Special Guests 
Tracks & Beats by Semi-Overweight


 On the Menu:

Bouliabaisse and family, a classic french stew with a  blend of shellfish and fish in a light broth with big flavor done ala city by the puget.

Cop au vin a beautiful medley of chicken, red wine, pear onions, pork belly, and mushrooms.  Served with sautéed cabbage and monkey bread.

Includes your choice of a Specialty Cocktail, Beer or Wine


The second portion of the evening  is a night of Soul, Hip-hop, and Jazz from 9:00PM - 

Featuring Live music by Caffeine 
Powerful Lyrical Content by Black Stax & Special Guests 
Tracks & Beats by Semi-Overweight

Lady Flava of Flava News introduces a new radio show especially for @BlackStax and is the first place you can hear news and new music leaks from us.  On this installment of “Breaking BS” Jace Ecaj speaks  about Seattle hip hop and confirms plans to release some new music hot from our “Creative Kitchen.”  Also, Lady Flava features this weeks leak, “Abandoned,”  produced by Raw Fingers Recorded & Mixed at ATB by Rob Castro. Take a peak into the mind-state of Jace Ecaj, and learn ‘where’s the Love’ in Seattle hip hop.   



#NewMusic from @BlackStax! “Abandoned” - prod. by Raw Fingers Recorded & Mixed at ATB by Rob Castro 

Leak of the Week: 

Black Stax is compiled of many elements that Complete this sound. Go into the mindstate of Jace Ecaj and see where’s the Love….. BS


Interview of Owuor Arunga, jivin’ “courtesy” of @BlackStax .. one of many hip-hop crews!